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Flagstaff Endodontics

Flagstaff, AZ

Henry Tagle, DMD, MS | Alaina Leiendecker, DMD, ABE Diplomate


"I had to have 2 very difficult root canals last summer. Dr. Tagle was very professional and thorough, and his friendly, personable manner made the experience much less unpleasant. I highly recommend Dr. Tagle and his staff."



"What a wonderful staff and dental professional with Dr. Leiendecker. I can't say enough about the gentle and caring appointment I had with Dr. Leiendecker. With a tooth in need of a root canal, she explained all of what she was doing and my best treatment plan for my dental situation. Highly recommended for all your endodontic needs."



"They assessed the affected tooth with a quick x-ray and began the procedure within half an hour of me walking through the door. This is my second root canal (hopefully my last), and I was thoroughly pleased with the procedure. Dr. Tagle and his staff made me feel totally at ease even though my last root canal was really painful. He explained the procedure and assured me that the hardest part would be 'getting you numb.'"



"Dr. Hank Tagle and Alaina Leiendecker are great! We always refer our patients to Flagstaff Endodontics for root canals that are too difficult for us to do in-house. Patients always come back happy, and the job looks great on the final x-ray. The doctors and staff are all very nice and polite. I highly recommend this office to anyone in need of a root canal or other endodontic procedure." 

-Dr. Dan


"I had a wonderful experience at Flagstaff Endodontics, Dr. Leiendecker was amazing and so were her assistants, from the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed and taken care of."



"I was referred here when my original dentist couldn't finish my root canal due to complications...WOW, what a great experience!  Thank you Dr. Tagle!"



”Thank you for taking such good care of me during my root canal procedure. It’s really hard to get me numb and to keep me numb. I am so grateful that you care about pain management. Thanks for being patient with and nice to me."



”I so appreciate your wonderful care of me – my tooth feels GREAT! It was so nice to meet you too."



"You are all remarkable. Thank you for all your help during this trial in my life. You're the best."