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Flagstaff Endodontics

Flagstaff, AZ

Henry Tagle, DMD, MS | Alaina Leiendecker, DMD, ABE Diplomate


About Your Initial Visit

We make every effort to minimize the amount of time you are in our office, and most treatments can be completed in one appointment. However, some treatments will require an evaluation followed by a second appointment to provide treatment on another day.

We are able to take high resolution digital x-rays here in our office. However, if your general dentist has recent x-rays that are suitable for evaluation, please feel free to have them emailed to Any standard digital x-rays we take here in our office are at no cost to you. 

We also have the capability of performing a 3D CBCT scan of the tooth/teeth in question. This technology provides us with critical diagnostic information that can be obtained in non-invasive manner. There is a charge for the 3D CBCT scan. Please contact us with any questions about pricing.